1st Chapter 2023

The year 2023 = the 1st chapter of MarieNara!

Some examples from the year 2023, from the 1st chapter of MarieNara!


"I’m TTrrreeee 152"
(Mint it, Uncommun Gellery, Aeon Studio, 2023)
This work is selected by AeonStudio for an exhibition in a digital art gallery, Uncommun, in Seoul, South Korea. It is on sale via the link 

A robot customized for a specific purpose. A robot programmed to be a tree believes it is a tree and transforms into one. Are humans much different?

구체적인 용도를 위해 맞춤 제작되는 로봇. 나무가 되도록 프로그래밍된 로봇이 자신을 나무라고 믿으며 나무로 변신한다. 과연 인간은 이와 많이 다를까?

Un robot construit sur mesure dans un but précis. Un robot programmé pour être un arbre croit qu'il est un arbre et se transforme en arbre. Les humains sont-ils vraiment différents ?

"MarieNara's eMotion World 23-2"
(Contemporary Art, Venice, 2023)

This video  (9’45”, mp4) 's created by the following set of works:

"Just Love" (exhibition, YMCA Seoul, 2023) 

This work is from my "Love? Love!" collection. The message is “Love overcomes any social and political situation” and “Love overcomes any prejudice and taboo”. I rearranged my love collection and made a video. This work highlights that color logic is meaningless. I used primitive base colors and combinations of extreme contrasts and I mixed profiles of women and men at random. This video is based on the message given by YMCA. The message is “All we need is love, just love.” Love that overcomes all, this is my sincere wish. 

"Madonna" in 3 styles (2023)

"Just Love" (Dark Version Exercise 2023)

Human beings #2 

Exhibition with KNFT, Gallery WE:R, Ilsan, 2023 

Path to confession

Exhibition with KNFT, Gallery WE:R, Ilsan, 2023

Red Queen 
(exhibition, 22th Tent Film Festival, 2023)

"Cours vite encore plus vite!! 빨리 뛰어, 더 빨리!!"

 variation of "Sceaux Parc des merveilles",
2023, hommage à Lewis Carroll et à John Tenneil
presented at the exhibition : Septembre - octobre 2023, Maison des arts, Antony, France  

Earth suffering 

(Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum 2023)

I personified the Earth getting hotter and the Earth suffering and disintegrating as a result. (message AI avatar) "Our Earth is very hot. Let’s help prevent the Earth from getting sick!" 

Evolution (exhibitions, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul) 

Since the Big Bang, humans have evolved within the time frame. Can human beings transcend time and reach the realm of the gods they dream of through the continuous development of technology with the intellectual ability that human beings are proud of? 

[진화] 빅뱅 이후 인간은 시간의 틀 안에서 진화해 왔다. 인간이 자랑하는 지적 능력으로 계속되는 기술의 발전을 통해 인간은 시간을 초월하여 그들이 꿈꾸는 신의 경지에 도달할 수 있을까? 

Flowing light series -1 (exhibitions, Seoul)

Sea at dusk

The moment the sky and the sea become one, the last burning passion is thrown into the world.

Sea of Dawn

In the tender embrace of the sky and the sea, the life of the day wakes up quietly.

Flowing light series -2

Father's dazzling autumn

Last fall, when my father left, was particularly dazzling and beautiful. I wanted to express one of my main themes, flowing light, with a dazzling autumn feel.

Mountain to us

MarieNara, 2023, digital painting, 3200x1800 px, 16.5Mo, .png

It seduces us with mysterious light changes and a comfortable appearance from afar, but when we get closer, it is blocked by a relentless reality...

Mountains Between Them 

MarieNara, 2023, digital painting, 3200x1800 px, 16.5Mo, .png

The mountains that hide many lights and secrets whisper among themselves. 

My Tree

MarieNara, 2023, digital painting, 4961x7016 px, 37Mo, .png

My tree, which welcomes me with generous arms, is my shelter and comfort.


MarieNara, 2023, digital painting, 1920x1080 px, 2,2Mo, .png

Sorae Port, Incheon, South Korea

(selected and purchased
by the company LM Nova playnomm)

Winter warmth #151

MarieNara, 2022, digital painting, 1800x3200 px, 17Mo, .png

Sharing a meal warms you in the cold winter

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